Our Exciting Fishing Camp for Kidz

The ultimate kids fishing experience.

Activities At The Vaal River

Camps are interactive and combine the elements of enjoyment, learning and creating an enlightening experience. All skill levels welcome – from beginners to the more experienced.

Let your children enjoy their school holidays doing something new and exciting at the Vaal River. Children are taught how to fish, tie different types of knots, and enjoy other activities such as canoeing along the Vaal River – We apply a catch and release policy with all fish caught.

Take a tour through our gallery and see what exciting things our little campers have been up to at the fishing camp. Safety is our first priority and children are supervised by our trained staff and professional fishing coaches at all times. Aldo and Manuela Candito are trained and experienced fishing enthusiasts that are keen on spreading the fun of fishing. 

Fishing Camp Activities:

The camp is located at Villa Nova accommodation, nestled on the plains of the Vaal River in the North West and we welcome children aged between 7 & 15.

At the camp, all children will be taught how to use the various fishing gear; such as types, textures and qualities of fishing rods, reels, lines and traces. They will also learn how to tie simple and complex knots, different methods of fishing and the types of bait to use to catch specific types of river fish.

All you need to do is pack your child’s bag, drop them at our meeting point in Jo’burg and finally let them enjoy nature’s beauty. They are provided with everything from equipment, transport, meals and safe comfortable accommodation.

Kids at the camp receive the following equipment:
  • Fishing Rod
  • Reels
  • Hooks
  • Bait
  • Traces
  • Lines
Additional Activities:

Along with the experience of learning how to fish, children can participate in other exciting activities at the camp. These include table tennis, board games, pool table, swimming pool, campfires and canoeing along the majestic Vaal River.

Kids get to relax and enjoy their weekends and school holidays while getting the most out of their time with us. For this reason, we encourage every child to participate in the activities at the camp – they’re designed to create a fun atmosphere and spread thrilling friendships among the kids.

The structure of each session allows kids to enjoy the activity while placing them in a position where they can also learn new skills.